Resistance Tubing System
(Set of 4)

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Product Description

The Spirit TCR Resistance Tube System is the best in its class, a world champion of all resistance programs. Made for Experts and Beginners alike the interchanging resistance pocket system allows multiple options for all resistance exercises. All 4 cables can be used at one time or 1, 2 or 3 such is the multi-faceted design.

As Resistance Training gains momentum and continues to show itself as the best option for strength training, conditioning, rehab and beyond, Spirit TCR brings you a system made for you. 4 Latex free providing up to 140 lbs of resistance, 4 Pocket Handles and a door anchor make for the best portable gym available today.

We provide hours of exercises in our growing library of information and guarantee unlimited results from weight loss to muscle gain.

Teal – Light Cables 0-20lbs

Lavender – Medium Cables 20-30lbs

Silver – Heavy Cables 30-40lbs