Spirit TCR's mission is to provide quality products for people to meet their health and wellness goals. TCR strives to develop products using the highest standards in design, function, and durability. TCR delivers the best customer service and makes sure ordering is a seamless process. We make it easy for the customer and offer only the best there is.


This includes:

  • Quality products
  • Versatile products addressing multiple protocols and programs
  • Maintaining a full inventory
  • Quick shipments
  • Professional customer service

This means that only the highest quality products are selected to be part of Spirit TCR.


For an item to make it into our family they must be:

  • Well designed – Certified vendors utilizing specific methods that are inspected for quality.
  • Well made – Using the best products and the latest designs for both customer's ease of use and effectiveness.
  • Well priced – Competitively priced to make available to everyone.
  • Environmentally friendly – Use of eco-friendly materials in our products including being phthalate and toxin free.
  • Professional service support – Full service support team available for technical questions and order inquiries.
  • Educationally supported – Education program to assist our partners and end users for the best experience possible.

It seems as though it is time for you to become part of the Spirit of well-being, the Spirit of improving you and the Spirit of high quality, genuine products. We strive to be transparent, supportive and available so our Spirit can live stronger through our customers.